Wildflowers – Southeast

Flowers are sorted first by color.

Regular-shaped flowers are sorted by number of petals from 3-6, then daisy-like flowers with more than 6 petals.

Irregular-shaped flowers, such as honeysuckle, are next.

Clusters of small flowers are sorted by shape: globe (Mountain Laurel), spike (Foamflower), umbrella (Queen Anne’s Lace), and other cluster shapes (Goldenrod).

Within each category, the photos are in alphabetical order except where similar blooms are next to each other for comparison.

(G) before the flower name means the photo was taken on the Greenway of the Little Tennessee River in Franklin, NC. Other locations are listed when you click on a thumbnail to open the photo.

This is a work in progress! I am trying to take more photos of the whole plant and leaves to help identify each flower.